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Aude Sapere Institute for Advanced Learning in Hahnemannian Homoeopathy is a dream initiative by Dr.Bindra’s Superspecialty Clinics and Cancer Care Centre, a leading super-speciality Homoeopathy & Cancer Care Clinics across the globe and 1st and only exclusively Homoeopathic Heart, Kidney & Cancer Care Clinic of world to promote awareness among the Homoeopathic Healthcare Professionals in the field of Homoeopathic super-specialties.


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In memory of a gem in heavens Sdn.Manjeet Kaur Bindra

- In memory of Sdn.Manjeet Kaur Bindra -

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Books from the clinical diary of Dr. MS Bindra MD

Dr. Bindra's Clinical Desk Reference Homoeopathic Cardiology

Dr Bindra's Clinical Desk Reference HOMOEOPATHIC CARDIOLOGY

Second Edition - June 2019


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Dr.Bindra’s Superspecialty Clinics, a world renowned leader in superspecialty Homoeopathy medicine serving patients from 18+ countries since 2008 and we are the world’s 1st and only exclusively Homoeopathic Heart & Kidney care centre who can boast of being the 1st and only till date to take the charge to disseminate Homoeopathy to newer heights in terms of superspecialty medicine.

I have been practicing Cardiology since 2011 with more than 8000+ cardiac patients on record who have been treated exclusively with Homoeopathy medicines for cardiac ailments ranging from Hypertension to Coronary Artery Disease and Valvular Defects.

In initial days of my practice, I faced a big challenge of searching Cardiac drugs in Homoeopathy Materia Medica as we neither have any specific drugs mentioned anywhere for cardiac ailments, nor we have any database for protocols or treated cardiac cases. This made me to look out for different Materia Medica books of various stalwarts, to interpret drugs in relation to the cardiovascular medicine, to relate them to clinical symptoms and after around more than 400 days of this research, I could make my own database of Cardiac drugs which could help my patients in cardiac ailments, sometimes to relieve, more often to cure their disease.

I wish to pass on my efforts, my experience, my results and evidence based cases to the fraternity to share my experiences so that others could get benefits and humanity could be served more across the globe with this beautiful science of Master Hahnemann. This book aims to offer clear guidelines to practice Homoeopathy Cardiology with practical materia medica and therapeutics, including information on philosophical aspect of Homoeopathy in Cardiology.

I am sure this experience passed on to my colleagues will definitely boost up their confidence and clinical skills in cardiology and it in turn will generate promotion for Homoeopathy across the globe addressing critics of Homoeopathy quite well and that too evidence based in their language.

Dr. MS Bindra MD
Dr. Bindra's Superspecialty Clinics
Cancer Care Centre
Aude Sapere Institute



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About the Author    |    Dr. MS Bindra MD


After completing his Bachelors in Medicine from BFUHS, Faridkot he completed his PG in Homoeopathic Medicine from The British Institute of Homoeopathy, London (United Kingdom) under blessed guidance of Master Hahnemann's   (The founder of Homoepathy) great great grandson Sir William H Tankard Hahnemann & Institute Director & Principal Dr.Trever M Cook. He completed his M.D. (Medicine) from Kolkatta and has worked for many years under academic and clinical guidance of so many renowned Cardiologists and Internists across the country to acheive best in the field of cardiology and internal medicine.


Integrative Cancer Medicine, being his subject of research and expertise in PG, he has successfully worked on cancer patients with evaluation of integrative cancer protocols to achieve his tag of world's 1st Integrative Oncologist.


Serving humanity for more than 8 years as 1st & only Homoeopathic Cardiologist of North India, he is renowned and well experienced while acheiveing miraculous results in cardiology & internal medicine. Academically one of the best acheiver, he is continously making best in clinical experiences as well. Being awarded as meritorious academician from high schooling to Medical College & then Higher educational levels, he is one of the best professionals who passed out under guidance of Homoeopathic & Allopathic Faculty at global level with expertise in superspecialty medicine.


After serving as Consultant Internist with specialisation in Cardiology Medicine for 8 years, Dr. Bindra stepped into excellence in the field of Integrative Oncology with newer spectrum of approach to the Cancer in terms of treatment and prevention with holistic alternative medicine and integrative approach. He himself has evaluated and monitored numerous cancer patients under his able vision and integrative cancer protocols apart from Homeopathy Cancer Medicine.

The theme and aim behind his vision is to make cancer treatment affordable, more effective and without any side effects that conventional system drugs give to the patient. He joined Cancer Care Centre in January 2016 as Medical Director with training in hands of leading Integrative Oncologists across the globe.

He has presented around 30+ research papers, clinical research presentations in conference across the globe and has been awarded Excellence Awards from time to time from various faculties, fraternities, both in Allopathy and Alternative Medicine.