Managed by Aude Sapere Medical Educational Society (Regd.) - an Incorporated Institute under Act. XXVI of 1860 of Government of Punjab, based on the Government of India Act. XXI of 1860 and the Literary and Scientific Institutions Act of 1854, which manages the Institute with teamwork of Dr Bindra’s Superspecialty Homoeopathy Clinics and Cancer Care Centre, India.

Aude Sapere Institute for Advanced Learning in Hahnemannian Homoeopathy is a dream initiative by Dr.Bindra’s Superspecialty Clinics and Cancer Care Centre, a leading super-speciality Homoeopathy & Cancer Care Clinics across the globe and 1st and only exclusively Homoeopathic Heart, Kidney & Cancer Care Clinic of world to promote awareness among the Homoeopathic Healthcare Professionals in the field of Homoeopathic super-specialties.


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In memory of a gem in heavens Sdn.Manjeet Kaur Bindra

- In memory of Sdn.Manjeet Kaur Bindra -

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This Certificate Course programme in Pediatrics Medicine is being designed to develop both the generic and specialty specific attributes of Homoeopathic Pediatrics Medicine necessary to practice independently as a consultant Homoeopathic Pediatrician. This 1 year Certificate Course in Homoeopathic Pediatrics has been prepared to train the individuals in Pediatrics as specialist to provide the highest standard of service to Pediatrics cases. Our programme is aimed at all Homoeopathic Healthcare professionals across the globe who want to be a part of the development of positive attitudes towards lifelong learning and the ability to adapt to future technological advances and the changing expectations of society. This course provides the extra review to the training and study that a Homoeopath earns in UG academics and day to day practice. It is work-based with emphasis on applying what you have learned. This course provides a platform to improve your clinical judgments, treatment and management skills through interactive case studies. You will gain knowledge of, and experience in, the theory and clinical application of evidence-based Pediatrics Practice. The programme covers the complete spectrum of Pediatrics, from patients with well developed Pediatrics diseases to the ones who are at high multifactorial risk. The course has four modules and you must successfully complete all four modules to gain your award. Institute is soon going to provide Live Training Sessions in Pediatrics after completion of Certificate course. You have to explore your own medical library to make best use of our database and electronic media provided for course studies.   The trainees would be provided best medical database and support to gain the excellence in Homoeopathic Pediatrics by the end of the course.   During the full duration of the course, a personal guiding tutor will be appointed from panel of our consultants who will guide you for clinical as well academic difficulties during the duration of the course through your ClicLogin Account.



Aude Sapere Medical Educational Society (Regd.) is a Incorporated under Act. XXVI of 1860 of Government of Punjab, based on the Government of India Act. XXI of 1860 and the Literary and Scientific Institutions Act of 1854, which manages the Institute with Dr Bindra’s Superspecialty Homoeopathy Clinics and Cancer Care Centre. The first impression that we have marked in the world of Homoeopathy is that we are the 1st and only Homoeopathic Superspecialty Course providing Institute across the globe with a appreciable background of well known Homoeopathic Superspecialty & Cancer Care Clinics providing treatment across the planet.


Although we are not providing any government certified certification with this course but still we will be providing a platform for a general physician to attain and sharpen the skills in Homoeopathic Cardiology Medicine.


Course Studies has been divided in four modules to make it easy and convenient to complete it within time covering all the aspects of Pediatrics Medicine.

MODULE 1 Introductory Glimpse + Common Competencies in Clinical Pediatrics (History Taking, Clinical Examination and Safe Prescribing Approach) + Professionalism and Ethical Issues (Time Management and Decision Making, Clinical Reasoning), Growth & Development of Infants & Child, Behavioral Disorders,  Psychiatric Disorders.


MODULE 2 Pediatric Nutrition and Nutritional Disorders, Fluids and Electrolyte Imbalance, Metabolic Disorders, Adolescent Medicine, Allergic Disorders in Infants and Children.


MODULE 3 Infectitious Diseases, Immunization & Prophyllaxis, Gastrointestinal & Respiratory Diseases, Urinary Tract Infections, Renal Disorders, Diabetes Mellitus, Thyroid Disease, Migraine, Seizures, Rheumatic Fever, Blood Disorders.


MODULE 4 Homoeopathic Approach to Pediatric Cases, Protocols and Therapeutics.


MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS Each chapter of all modules are given a major assignment at the end of completion of chapter. Trainee has to make written assignment of the chapter (question paper) and has to be submitted with the Institute through Post/Courier. Maximum of 2 chapters assignments can be submitted in one time.


CLINICAL CASES & CLINICAL JOBS Every trainee is assigned clinical jobs on a topic from course modules and it has to be submitted in MS Powerpoint Presentation with Institute through email/cliclogin account. After completion of certain topics a clinical case (assignment) is sent to the trainee to solve the case and make a proper history sheet of the case as per findings and investigations given in case sheet.


FINAL EXAM After successful completion of all Modules, a Final Exam is conducted from full course syllabus in assignment mode or online mode as per the feasibility of the Institute & Trainee.


BHMS / DHMS / Interns (In Internship) and Registered Homoeopathic Physicians in any part of the country. Mandatory requirements for Indian residents is registration with State Council/National Council/Board. BHMS passed out Interns (can submit Final Prof Result or Provisional Registration with council). For countries other than India, practitioner should be registered with concerned authority.



Certification Issued C.I.H. (Pediatrics) -  Course Duration 6 months academic correspondence course where course study material is provided by Institute in printed book(s) format for all modules. Trainees can complete the course as per their feasibility of time at their home/work place within stipulated time. Trainee needs not to visit Institute for any regular classes/workshops.


The trainees are provided with full course syllabus book(s) in print format which covers all the aspects of the course to its best and trainee needs not to go through any other books to study. But to enhance the skills its is always advised to consult other sources as well. Trainees at the time will have a reputed Clinical/Academic Supervisor from team of our consultants/faculty to sort out any difficulties during the course duration through email. Trainees are provided Online Access to their evaluation reports through ClicLogin Account that is provided for regular updates to trainees. 


* Additional live sessions can be attended after completion of the course.

COURSE FEES (Indian Residents) Rs. 24,900/- INR (full course duration, one time) payable through

Demand Draft (only) in favor of "AUDE SAPERE MEDICAL EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY (REGD.)" payable at Ludhiana.

For enquiries and any queries mail us at or call Admissions Co-ordinator at 9803-914-108.